Panthers Mission

As most humanoid inhabitance of our planet realise the Daleks have so far not been too successful at conquering the 3rd planet from the sun which we lovingly call Earth, Home, Terra Firma, Gaia or many other names – but technically is identified as ’Jgtktls38812’.
On each occasion their efforts have been thwarted by Dr Who, with aid from his many assistants and the occasional help from the planets inhabitants (and also we should not forget the inconvenient annoyances the invaders have faced from obstacles such as stairs which required a new generation of Dalek to be invented) . So the time came for a tactical withdrawal by the Daleks and Davros and they are now concentrating their efforts on developing a new plan for domination. As part of this new strategy Dalek Panther was created.



Panther has appeared on our planet ’Earth’ with four main mission tasks :

  • To meet as many people as possible and collect images of himself with them

This is so the Daleks can analyse our faces and appearance and attempt to understand who these strange humans are that they are to conquer. They are very puzzled by us getting together with ’aliens’ at Sci-Fi conventions and taking our photographs with them.
We believe that maybe the Selfie and facebook® were developed specifically to to aid this image collection process.

  • To empty the earthlings pockets of their worldly goods (money) and pass it to charities.

This will help build a better planet ready for when the Daleks DO take control.
After all who would want to take over a world with pollution, suffering, illness and poverty.

  • To demonstrate how technologically superior the Daleks are to humans

Dalek Panther is powered by several sophisticated electronic power storage units and contains an array of cameras, ’plasma phaser gun’, synthesised voice changer and sampler, and of course the famous ’Dome lights’ (derogatorily know as flashing ears) but off course Panthers ’ears’ are not just simple sound-to-light units but are processor driven using superior Fast Fourier Transform techniques.

For the technically minded there are 24volt, and 12 volt power sources, Four Arduino processors, four cameras, monitor with wifi multiplexer and several hundred NeoPixel® LED’s which can all be individually colour controlled.
More details can be found on the construction page

  • To gain the confidence of an earthling to ultimately assist in the grand scheme

The Daleks have befriended a human named Danny Norwell. This poor creature has been subjected to many hundreds of hours of weekend, evening and late night working to create Panther from their designs. In fact all the hours when he hasn’t been doing a ’ proper job’ poor Danny has been slaving away.
Panther also insists that he goes everywhere with him and even has him sitting inside controlling the Dalek. He is constantly under the watchful eye of these aliens, so IF they allow him out please be nice to him and maybe buy him a cup of tea!

Contact Panther

While on planet Earth Panther has based himself by the sea in the beautiful town of Robin Hood’s Bay on the North Yorkshire coast in England, UK.

To invite Panther to an event near you please contact him through the earthling Danny who’s details are on the contact page.